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How to claim full achievement for English Functional Skills

22 November 2013

Here’s a breakdown of the actions that your centre must take to claim full certification for our English Functional Skills Reading and Writing units.

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The process is dependent on whether your learners have completed their assessments through onscreen, paper-based or a mix of both.

How to claim:   The learner has:   What the centre has to do:   Certification  
Reading and Writing units - onscreen Completed Reading and Writing units onscreen. Claim the Speaking, Listening and Communication achievement against the onscreen registration. Certification is automatic.
Reading and Writing units: paper-based Completed Reading and Writing assessments using the paper-based option. Claim the Speaking, Listening and Communication achievement using the paper-based option and enter a cash-in code to trigger certification.

NB - there are deadlines to claim Speaking, Listening and Communication achievement for the paper-based series, details of which can be found in our information manual. 
Certification is automatic.
Mixed paper-based and onscreen Reading and Writing assessments Completed mixed onscreen and paper-based units.

There is no need for the centre to do anything.


Pearson to run report to reconcile achievement where all three components have been achieved.

Delay in certification due to additional processes.
Mixed paper-based and onscreen assessments for ‘spiky’ profile learners

Mixed onscreen and paper-based units


Spiky profile (e.g. units at different levels)


Has achieved the full qualification over different academic years

Notify Pearson with the details of the learner and assessments, using the Functional Skills: Merging Paper and Onscreen form.

Send the completed form to us at:

Delay in certification due to additional processes.

Should you have any further queries around claiming full certification for English Functional Skills, please contact us


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