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Book your place on our Traineeship webinar

22 January 2016

We're holding a webinar in March 2016 for you to learn more about our Traineeships offer, and to see the new online learning and assessment tool from AppQual. 

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The free Traineeship launch event will introduce you to products that we have to support you with your delivery of Traineeships - in particular you can:

  • learn more about our new pre-packaged bundles for Traineeships from Pearson and the resources that are available to support you in your delivery of Traineeships
  • see a demonstration of the new AppQual online learning and assessment tool which has been created to support the Traineeships from Pearson offer
  • discuss the progression routes for learners and new developments
  • ask questions about the 'Traineeships from Pearson' offer and the resources available to you.

Who should attend?

These webinars are for all decision makers at any provider, college, school or employer looking to deliver Traineeships from Pearson.

Dates and times

Don't delay as we have limited spaces. We look forward to welcoming you on to our webinar soon. 

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