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Mastery in Science

24 September 2020
Mastery in Science, using big ideas to make cognitive links from year 7 to year 11

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We have worked with teachers, examiners and subject experts to put together a comprehensive pathway to help you plan your teaching from Year 7 right up to Year 11 and beyond.

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Mastery in Science is a way to teach the KS3 and GCSE subject content that uses big ideas to encourage deep understanding of key concepts. It is designed to link content together in a logical and steady way from Year 7 to Year 11. The big ideas are introduced in Year 7 where students secure their knowledge in each key theme.

Our Mastery pathways are structured to:

  • consolidate previous knowledge
  • add an extra layer of deeper understanding each time a big idea is visited
  • include regular formative assessment points to identify areas to support learning

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