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The results of Ofquals GCSE Maths research

22 May 2015

Ofqual has announced the results of its research into GCSE Maths.  

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Ofqual has now concluded its research into the perceived level of demand in GCSE Maths, and has requested all awarding bodies to make changes to their SAMs in order to make the level of difficulty in GCSE Maths more comparable.

As a result, we'll be making improvements to our assessment materials which will be available for you to see soon.

See the full report from Ofqual here 

Changes to our assessment materials

As a result of the findings from Ofqual and feedback we’ve received from you, our new assessment materials will be accessible to the full range of your learners, while continuing to stretch the most able students.

The changes we've been planning will likely include:

  • improving clarity of language and readability of assessment material
  • removal of formulae sheets; formulae will be provided to students in the question if required
  • ensuring the Foundation tier includes more questions targeting the lowest grades
  • reducing the number of questions with a large number of marks, particularly at Foundation tier. 

All awarding organisations will be submitting their assessment materials for approval from Ofqual by the end of May. We expect to be able to send you a copy of our new assessment materials soon so that you can take a fresh look before you choose your awarding body for GCSE Maths.

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