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Support for maths progression from Key Stage 3 to GCSE (9-1)

7 December 2015

We've created Pearson Progression Services to help you assess and track students' progress from the start of KS3 through to GCSE.

This service includes the Pearson Progression Scale, designed to help you assess if students are making the expected rate of progress from KS3 through to KS4.

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Free resources

We’ve put together a pack of free resources to help you plan and assess progression:

  • KS3 baseline tests so you can assess each student’s starting point at the beginning of Year 7.
  • Two 5-year Edexcel schemes of work, whether you’re covering KS3 in two or three years (one with a 2-year KS3, and one with 3-year KS3), to help you cover the topics you need from the start of KS3 to the GCSE exams.
  • End of term tests for high, middle and low attainers for use throughout KS3 so you can assess your students' understanding across topics.
  • A markbook for each set so you can record students’ test results and see how each student is progressing and intervene where necessary.

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The end of term tests in the zip files relate to the Progression Scale and Progression Map, and results can be recorded in the free markbooks to help you keep track of students' progress.

KS3 Maths Progress course and the Pearson Progression Services

The end of term tests were developed as part of Pearson’s KS3 Maths Progress course, and are designed to give you an idea of:

  • how students are making progress
  • where they might need more support.

The markbook is part of our Pearson Progression Services, which gives you a way to track progress without levels. While both the markbook and the tests can give you an overview of how students are engaging with Maths, they shouldn’t be used to predict future grades.

You can find out more about the KS3 Maths Progress course and the 'Building Confidence in Maths' mastery pedagogy that underpins it on the Pearson Schools Website.

Learn more about how Pearson Progression Services can support your school’s approach to assessment without levels


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