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Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics - Accessible assessments for all

24 April 2018

We’ve made sure that our GCSE (9-1) Mathematics exam papers assess maths skills, and that the questions are designed to ensure there are no barriers that may prevent students from being able to show their mathematical ability.

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All our exam papers are written in clear and simple language, making them accessible to all students, to give them every chance to reach their potential.

We’ve made sure that the assessments:

  • use everyday language, making it easy for all students to understand what response is expected
  • are designed to test maths skills not language skills, so if students know how to do the maths they will be able to answer the questions
  • only set questions in contexts if it helps students access the maths, or if it is required as part of the assessment objective, for example: solve problems in non-mathematical contexts
  • that include questions set in real-life contexts use language that is purposeful, clear and relevant to all
  • sometimes include diagrams, where helpful, and explain in words what is happening in the diagram to cater for all types of learners and make the questions more accessible
  • are well laid out and have enough white space for the answers to be written clearly, but not too much that it might give the impression that a longer answer is expected.

Support that counts

To help you support your students further, our maths experts have put together some top exam tips. Download the top tips and pass them on to your students.

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