Ofqual research and analysis - GCSE Maths: understanding schools' approaches to tiering

13 February 2017

Ofqual has published their research on schools' approaches to tier entry for the new GCSE (9-1) Maths summer exam. 

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Ofqual interviewed 12 schools in England about their tier entry choices for reformed qualifications. The findings suggest that schools are carefully considering their tier entry choices ahead of the summer 2017 series. The majority of surveyed schools were intending to enter a greater proportion of their students into the foundation tier in summer 2017 than they had in previous exam series. This was primarily due to both the higher and foundation tiers being more challenging in the reformed qualifications.

As Ofqual point out, the findings are based on a small number of schools and are not necessarily representative of all schools in England. They suggest, however, that schools have a good understanding of the differences between the new higher and foundation tiers in maths and are reconsidering their entry approaches accordingly.

Read the full Ofqual report.  

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