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Key Skills at Key Stage 3

Tue Jun 08 09:45:00 UTC 2021

Free KS3 Maths resources from Pearson Edexcel. We recognise the importance of the non-examined years in developing confident, capable mathematicians which is why we have created a comprehensive package to help you ensure your students develop the key skills they need at Key Stage 3.​

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Primary and secondary maths specialist, Kate Williams, has identified five critical objectives for each term in Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9.​

For each critical objective Key Skills at KS3 has starter ideas, ideas and support for using manipulatives at KS3, and exciting escape rooms (coming soon!) to help you engage and focus every student on the key skills and content they need.​ They are available as interactive PDFs. You will find a Year 7 and 8 resource and a separate Year 9 resource for maximum flexibility across KS3.

Key Skills at KS3 is perfectly aligned with our Maths Progress for KS3 (Second Edition) and follows the same UK-specific pedagogical approach that draws upon global best practices and cutting-edge research. You can seamlessly integrate Key Skills at KS3 into your teaching and benefit from the huge range of print and digital resources.

Access the Maths Progress for KS3 (Second Edition) 3yr SoW

We know that students’ experience of maths is crucial at KS3, and that the last year has thrown many hurdles their way. We hope that Key Skills at Key Stage 3 helps you to truly engage your KS3 students, reassure you that the fundamental skills and content are being covered and give your students the best preparation for GCSE.​

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