Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Maths new free resources to support the new content in foundation and higher tier

Wed Sep 21 08:43:00 UTC 2016

We’ve got new resources to support the teaching and learning of the GCSE (9-1) Mathematics content which is new to foundation and higher tier, targeting specifically:

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  • A4 Expand products of two or more binomials (higher tier)
  • A7 Functions (higher tier)
  • A11 Quadratic functions - roots, intercepts, turning points (foundation and higher tier)
  • A11 Deduce turning points by completing the square (higher tier)
  • A15 Gradients of graphs and areas under graphs (higher tier)
  • A20 Iterations (higher tier)
  • A22 Quadratic inequalities (higher tier)
  • A24 Simple geometric progressions (higher tier)
  • A24 Special sequences (foundation and higher tier)
  • A25 Nth term of quadratic sequences (higher tier)
  • N15 Inequality notation to specify simple error intervals (foundation and higher tier)
  • P9 Venn diagrams (higher tier)
  • R14 Gradient of a straight line graph (foundation and higher tier)
  • R15 Gradient of a curve (higher tier).
Each resource includes worked examples with guidance and comments, exercises with answers and in some cases extension material.

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