Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Maths new free resources to support the new content in foundation and higher tier

21 September 2016

We’ve got new resources to support the teaching and learning of the GCSE (9-1) Mathematics content which is new to foundation and higher tier, targeting specifically:

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  • A4 Expand products of two or more binomials (higher tier)
  • A7 Functions (higher tier)
  • A11 Quadratic functions - roots, intercepts, turning points (foundation and higher tier)
  • A11 Deduce turning points by completing the square (higher tier)
  • A15 Gradients of graphs and areas under graphs (higher tier)
  • A20 Iterations (higher tier)
  • A22 Quadratic inequalities (higher tier)
  • A24 Simple geometric progressions (higher tier)
  • A24 Special sequences (foundation and higher tier)
  • A25 Nth term of quadratic sequences (higher tier)
  • N15 Inequality notation to specify simple error intervals (foundation and higher tier)
  • P9 Venn diagrams (higher tier)
  • R14 Gradient of a straight line graph (foundation and higher tier)
  • R15 Gradient of a curve (higher tier).
Each resource includes worked examples with guidance and comments, exercises with answers and in some cases extension material.

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