Important information regarding reformed GCSE (9-1), AS and A level speaking tests

19 October 2018

We have listened to feedback from a range of stakeholders and have made the decision to allow teachers to open the stimulus cards for the speaking assessment three working days before the prescribed assessment period (1st April - 17th May 2019).

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The earliest date that centres may open the stimulus materials in 2019 is Wednesday 27 March 2019. Specifications have been amended to reflect this change and we will ensure that all other support materials and documentation is updated to reflect this change over the coming weeks.

This is a change to the previous instruction which stated that teachers could open the packs three working days before the first candidate's assessment. We hope that this change will allow teachers sufficient time to prepare for the demands of this component.

The teacher-examiner(s) responsible for the conduct of the speaking tests are required to preserve absolutely the confidentiality of all the speaking assessment materials: at no time must the stimulus materials be removed from the centre premises and they must be handed back to the Examinations Officer upon completion of the assessments and kept secure until the date advised in the Administrative Support Guide.

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