Ofqual ruling for all GCSEs from November 2013 | Pearson qualifications

Ofqual ruling for all GCSE exams series from November 2013

Tue Oct 08 10:57:00 UTC 2013

From November 2013, all learners must certificate, or cash in, their GCSE unit results in the same session that the units are sat.

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This follows the recent Ofqual announcement regarding changes to GCSE qualifications. If a centre enters a learner for any units without entering the relevant cash-in code, we will add the cash-in code entry on the centre's behalf, to ensure compliance with the Ofqual ruling. Please note that this rule only applies to GCSE qualifications.

A level

From 2014 there is no opportunity to take assessments in January, so all A and AS level units must be sat during the summer (June) series.


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