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GCSE Digital Communication pilot is ending

4 December 2014

Our successful pilot for GCSE Digital Communication comes to an end in summer 2015.

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Pearson will not accept any new requests from schools or colleges to offer Edexcel GCSE in Digital Communication with immediate effect.

The final award of Edexcel GCSE in Digital Communication will be in summer 2016, but this will only be available to those centres who currently offer this GCSE.

The pilot for GCSE Digital Communication has been running since September 2010, and was developed from our pilot GCSE English Studies units in Digital Communication and Moving Image. 

Frequently asked questions

There will be two further assessment opportunities in summer 2015 and summer 2016.

As with the other GCSEs in English, you should be planning your transition to GCSE 9-1 English specifications for first teaching in September 2015.

Edexcel GCSE in Digital Communication is a pilot qualification that was due to end in summer 2015 with a final assessment opportunity in summer 2016. Pearson has decided to cease offering this qualification when the pilot comes to an end, allowing one further assessment opportunity in summer 2016 for students already engaged in studying this qualification.

This is in line with Ofqual’s request that the qualification not be available for assessment after summer 2017.

Ofqual subjects consultation

Ofqual considered responses to their consultation in June 2014 on the redevelopment of GCSEs, and decided that a small number of further legacy qualifications, including GCSE in Digital Communication, would also be withdrawn. This is because they are too similar to one or more of the reformed qualifications for first teaching in 2015.

Ofqual recognised that this decision came at a time when schools and colleges may already have made plans about the subjects they will offer next year. It therefore decided to phase the implementation of this withdrawal. This is to allow those schools and colleges that are already teaching these qualifications, and may need to make changes to what they plan to teach, the opportunity to do so.

Any school or college that has offered GCSE in Digital Communication previously can continue to do so for one further year.

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