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GCSE Astronomy consultations now open

21 July 2015

GCSE Astronomy qualifications will be redeveloped for first teaching from September 2017. The consultations on the subject criteria and assessment objectives are now open. 

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The consultations propose that:

  • there is an expansion in content, e.g. by including new requirements on:
    • tides
    • longitude
    • gravity
    • evolution of stars
    • theories of the cosmos.
  • the content is brought up to date, e.g. by including knowledge and understanding related to observational technology and satellites

  • students should undertake two observational activities, both aided and unaided, but that these would not form part of the final assessment

  • 20% of marks in the exam must be on questions drawing on students’ experience of observational work

  • each area of knowledge is linked to specific mathematical concepts that students must understand and use. 

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The DfE is consulting on the subject content, and Ofqual is consulting on the amount of non-examined assessment and the assessment objectives.

You can find details of the consultations, including the content and assessment for GCSE Astronomy, as well as how you can respond, on the DfE and Ofqual websites:

DfE consultation on subject content

Ofqual consultation on assessment arrangements


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