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Update on GCSE English Language Unit 5EN3A: The Spoken Language

28 February 2014

For GCSE English Language Unit 5EN3A, 'The Spoken Language', you must use recordings and transcripts of spontaneous (rather than scripted) spoken language.

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You're free to either use the resources provided by us on the ‘Spoken Language Resources' CD, or to source your own recordings and transcripts. Edexcel resources are valid for the life of the specification.

Teenagers: 01 Transcript Liverpool 15-year-olds radio show

If you do choose to use the Edexcel resources, please note that '01 Transcript Liverpool 15-year-olds radio show' in the Teenagers section is at least partially scripted. You can use it as an introductory teaching resource to highlight the differences between scripted and spontaneous spoken language.

Because it's scripted, it contains relatively few spoken language features, so we don't recommend that you use it as one of the two transcripts that your students analyse for their controlled assessment task. If your students have already completed their controlled assessments using this transcript, there's no need to contact us. We will accept work based on this transcript.


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