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GCSE English and English Language: ordering texts for 5EH01

28 May 2013

In response to feedback, we’re making it easier to get paper copies of the print texts for GCSE English and English Language Unit 1 'English Today' (5EH01).

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From 1 June 2013, you will be able to order these through the 'stationery box' facility on our website. Simply log on with your centre number and postcode, choose 'stationery' from the blue band across the top of the page, and then select the 5EH01 texts from the list (either 2013-2014 or 2014-2015), entering the number of copies you require. Please note that, in each case, the two themes for a year are packed together, so you do not need to order, for example, 'Children's Literature' or 'Online Social Networking'.

Log on and order here


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