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A level autumn network events available to book now

11 September 2018

This is the only place we’ll be sharing feedback on the 2018 summer exam series so you won’t want to miss out.

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Our A level English Literature network events will give teachers the opportunity to:

- receive feedback on the 2018 exam series
- ​​consider teaching and learning strategies​, with a focus on 'making connections' (AO4)
- share ideas and network with other colleagues in your area
- learn about approaches to integrating our new 'Poet to Poet' podcast series into their teaching.

The podcast series is hosted by Julia Copus and are conversations between her and another poet around the poet's poem (which is included in the A level prescribed list) and another from the list that the poet sees some resonance with.

The conversations delve into reasons and intent behind choices made in the construction of the poems and their content.

Running throughout September and October, locations include London, Surrey, Cheltenham, Manchester as well as an online session.

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