GCSE Design and Technology and GCSE Cooking and Nutrition subject criteria consultation now open

Wed Oct 01 08:44:00 UTC 2014

GCSE Design and Technology qualifications will be redeveloped for first teaching from September 2016. 

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The consultation proposes that the new design and technology GCSE removes the range of titles that are currently offered, each of which is focused on separate material areas (such as resistant materials, textiles or graphics).

In their place is one single title – Design and Technology - in which students:

  • study a broader range of materials
  • choose an area of interest, such as fashion or mechanical systems, to study in more depth
  • combine materials from different material groups in their products.

Food will be removed from D&T and has a separate subject criteria called GCSE Cooking and Nutrition.

The Department for Education (DfE) and Ofqual have released the consultation documents on their website for the new subject criteria. The DfE is consulting on the subject content and Ofqual is consulting on the amount of non-examined assessment and the assessment objectives.

You can find details of the consultations by clicking on the links below:

These pages contain details of the content and assessment for both qualifications, as well as how you can respond to the consultation.

As a result of the degree of change being proposed for GCSE Design and Technology, and the need to ensure progression from the GCSE, subject content for AS and A level design and technology will be developed for first teaching in 2017.


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