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Extension to May submission deadline and Earlier release of PSAs from September

10 May 2023

Extended Submission Deadline for Marks and Sampled Learner Work for the May/June assessment series

On 17th March, we wrote to all centres that have learners taking new 2022 Tech Awards assessments this summer to remind them of the option to request extensions, due to industrial action, which has reduced teaching and assessment time for the May series. We sympathise with all the pressures that learners and teachers are currently under and have been providing extensions based on these requests throughout the series.   
Some centres have contacted us to ask for further extensions due to further industrial action and additional Bank Holidays. We can confirm, we will accept all submissions of learner marks and work up to the 16th May without the need for extension requests. Your submissions of learner marks and work made by this date will be moderated in time for results day (23rd August for centres and 24th August for learners). 
Many centres have been able to work to the initial deadlines or are currently working to the extended deadlines, and we have seen submission of marks and work from centres, which is greatly appreciated. We urge you to continue to submit marks and work as soon as they are ready wherever possible, to support a timely moderation process for your centre.     
If you are concerned that your centre will not be able to submit marks and learner work by 16th May, please contact us via the Pearson Support portal

Please note that special considerations may be requested for individual learners that are affected by circumstances beyond those covered by deadline extensions. 
Mark submission and LWT are both accessed via Edexcel Online. Full guidance on submitting marks and learner work via LWT can be found on the Tech Awards 2022 Support Index.


Is the entry withdrawal deadline moving from 1st May?

Yes, if you intend to withdraw learners, you should do so by the 16th May to ensure one of the entries included in the registration fees is not used up. 

If I submit marks and learner work after the 16th May extension, will I get results on time?  Will I have the chance to review my marking based on moderator feedback?

If you are concerned that your centre will not be able to submit marks and learner work by 16th May, please contact us via the Pearson Support portal so we can advise you and help to coordinate moderation activities. 

If submitting after the 16th May, we may not be able to deliver your results on the published results date for the series (August 23rd/24th) and you will not have the opportunity to review your centre marks following moderation. Due to a later result being issued, this may impact your ability to offer learners a retake in the December/January series. Please continue working towards submission as soon as possible to avoid delays to results and impact on learner retake opportunities in the next series. 

Why aren’t we applying a blanket extension for all centres until the end of this academic year? 

Every centre is unique, and each are dealing with different factors and situations. Many centres have told us that the extensions we have given are sufficient or that they do not need extensions. Wherever possible, we want to avoid delays in assessment and results to reduce the impact on the teaching and assessment of other components and subjects learners and teachers are working towards. We are also mindful that later results can affect the ability for learners to retake assessments where necessary in the following series and want to help retain this option for learners wherever possible.

Earlier release of Pearson Set Assignments from September 2023

After listening carefully and reviewing your feedback, we are making changes to our BTEC Tech Awards (2022) that will give you more time to prepare and deliver Pearson Set-Assignments. We’re also offering extensions, should you need them, for completing our current Pearson Set Assignments for May/June.

Following your feedback, we will be releasing all Pearson Set Assignments one month earlier within each series. This will give you more time to spend preparing for and administering the assessments. From September onwards, the Pearson Set Assignments will be released as follows:  

  Pearson Set Assignment Release 
December/January Assessment Series

Early September - all subjects 

NB: Art and Design Practice does not include December/January series assessment

May/June Assessment Series  Early January - all subjects
  • Art and Design Practice - released in early November 

  • Performing Arts - released in early December

(This change does not affect Performing Arts and Art & Design Practise.) 

Further Support 
You can find further support for BTEC Tech Awards (2022) on our Tech Awards Support Index. If you have any questions, or need further support, you can contact us through the Pearson Support Portal.

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