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Changes to Tech Awards Qualifications Points Calculation

We have made a change to the qualification grading points table that appears in the Tech Award specifications.

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I am writing to inform you that we are applying a change to the grading criteria of BTEC level 2 Tech Awards. Performance in these new Tech Awards has been very good and we are looking forward to releasing the results next week.

Ahead of this release, we realise that it is in the interests of all BTEC learners that the standard they achieve is respected by education institutions and employers. To achieve this, we have identified the need to make a change to the grading algorithm of the Tech Awards. Not implementing this adjustment would seriously compromise the standard of the qualification, which is not in the interests of learners. The changes we are making are included in a detailed Q&A.

The good news is that even after making these changes, BTEC students have performed very well.  We will release the full results in October, but want to share with you now the preliminary outcomes so that you can understand why we are making these changes.  Following the amendments, approximately 22% of students have achieved a Level 2 Distinction and above, and approximately 82% of students have achieved a Level 2 Pass or better with nearly 98% of students achieving a Level 1 Pass or better.  Without making these changes the awards would have been out of line with equivalent qualifications.

I appreciate that to receive this information, especially at this stage, may be difficult for any learners whose expectations may have been for a higher outcome. However, it is important to explain that the outcomes the grading algorithm generates are fair and make sure that students can be confident that their qualifications carry value and are equivalent to other qualifications at this level. This is a new qualification and the first time it has been awarded. By making this change now, it means that all students’ grades will be calculated in the same way in the future.

To support you in communicating this change to your students, please use the Q&As and we have created this letter which you can use if you choose to. If you have any immediate questions please contact us.

Kind Regards

Cindy Rampersaud
Senior Vice President


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