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Improvements to BTEC L3 Nationals in Sport

Find out about the improvements we've made to BTEC L3 Nationals in Sport (RQF).

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Improvements to the specifications

We’ve made some amends to the BTEC L3 Nationals in Sport suite. These amends do not affect grading or assessment criteria. There is a helpful table with a summary of changes at the beginning of the specification documents.

Take a look at each of the updated specifications.

Changes to the specifications


What’s changed?

Which size(s) does this apply to?

Unit 1

A sub-heading in Section D3 has been added to clarify the conduction process and the cardiac cycle.

All sizes

Unit 1

The following amendments have already been made in the Diploma (Tech Level), Diploma, Certificate and Extended Diploma sizes.

An amendment has been made to correct the use of the term ‘pulmonary ventilation’ and the abbreviation (VE). Pulmonary ventilation is a general term which refers to the movement of air in and out of the lungs. ‘VE’ is used in physiology for ‘minute ventilation’ which is the amount of air inspired/expired in one minute.  

Extended Certificate and Foundation Diploma

Unit 6

The content of Learning Aim A has been reduced to five key content areas. This does not affect grading.

Extended Certificate, Foundation Diploma, Diploma and Extended Diploma

Unit 7

A statement has been added to clarify that the assessment must cover at least one team and one individual sport.

All sizes


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