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Important update for BTEC Nationals in IT: certification

Thu Jul 28 15:00:00 UTC 2016

This is to confirm that learners who achieve either the new BTEC Level 3 National Diploma or Extended Diploma in IT (first teaching September 2017) in summer 2018, will also be automatically certificated with the Foundation Diploma, which features on performance measures for 2018.

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What this means for you

The good news is that you can continue to offer your learners the size of qualification that’s right for them, while being confident that their achievements will be included in performance measures.

The key headline measure for Applied General qualifications, like in IT at Level 3, is progress from Key Stage 4. Progress is calculated for individual Applied General qualifications before being aggregated into an average centre outcome. There is no comparison made between achievement in a smaller version of a qualification and achievement in a larger size - each size is analysed and reported separately. The size of qualification taken (or reported) has no bearing on its contribution to the centre outcome. Every Applied General qualification result will be recorded as being a bit better or a bit worse or level with for students with the same prior ability (as measured by their KS4 results) who are taking exactly the same qualification. All of these results get added up and an average taken.

Do you need to do anything?

The answer is no! We will automatically recognise learners who fulfil all the criteria, and we will issue a Foundation Diploma result and certificate alongside the larger result and certificate. This result will be sent to DfE for contribution towards performance measures.
The final specifications are due to be on the BTEC website by September 2016, for first teaching in September 2017.
We strongly recommend delivering units in the Extended Certificate or Foundation Diploma, before learners progress to the Diploma or Extended Diploma.

Need more information?

If you’d like to discuss this, or any other part of your curriculum offer, contact your subject advisor.


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