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More improvements to BTEC assessment admin

8 September 2016

Following feedback from teaching and training professionals across the country, we’re working on reducing the amount of assessment admin required for our BTEC qualifications.

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We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support for BTEC and helping us make the qualifications work better for you and your learners.

In the table below, you’ll see the latest set of improvements we’ve made that are in place from September 2016. The improvements won't stop there so, if you'd like to tell us what you think about the changes and what additional improvements you’d like to see, please have your say.

Document We have: So you can:
Assignment Brief
Introduced more Authorised Assignment Briefs (AABs). Spend less time writing Assignment Briefs.
Internal Verification of Assignment Briefs Aligned the form with myBTEC for internal verification of AABs. Enter less details onto the form.
Internal Verification of Assessment Decisions Re-introduced the single learner form. Choose to use the single or multiple learners form. 
Record of Activity
(Observation Record & Witness Statement)

Set clearer guidance on when to use as evidence. Reduce the need for observation records for all practical activity. 
Learner Sample Permission Form Incorporated the form into the Learner Declaration. Have one less form for learners to sign. 

Give us your feedback

We’re keen to have your feedback on the improvements we’ve made.

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