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Change to dates and times for Unit 1 exam paper

30 April 2018

Change to dates and times for Unit 1 exam paper.

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Following feedback on the previous sitting of the Unit 1 exam, the exam paper will be split into separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics papers. This change will come into effect from May/June 2018 onwards, with each paper taken at a different exam slot over two days.

This is to allow students to be able to take one subject (Biology, Chemistry or Physics) at a time. The papers have the same number of marks and the demand has not changed. The time for each subject paper is 40 minutes for Unit 1. Students must sit all three papers in the given exam session.

Table summarising Unit 1 exam paper split


Unit 1 exam

Old style

New style (from May/June 18)

Number of papers 1 3
Time allocated

120 min (2 hr)

40 min each

Date and time for summer 2018 31617H Unit 1 originally scheduled to take place on
25 May PM
31617 HB1 Biology:
24 May PM

31617 HC1 Chemistry:
25 May AM

31617 HP1 Physics: 
25 May PM



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