BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Art Design: New assessment window added for Unit 6

22 October 2018

For 2019 only, to ease the crowded summer exam timetable, we have added an additional exam window. This will also give centres the flexibility to choose when to deliver Unit 6 and provide more time for delivery of Unit 7.

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Here are the relevant dates:

First exam window: January 2019:

Release date: 03/12/18

Window: 03/12/18 - 18/01/18

Submission deadline: 23/01/19

Second exam window: Summer 2019:

Release date: 01/04/19

Window: 01/04/19 - 17/05/19

Submission deadline: 23/05/19

Changes to the set task

Furthermore, we have introduced small changes to the set task in Unit 6 in order to allow centres to include a wider range of art and design specialisms, including interior design and animation.

As before, the paper consists of an identified client, a scenario with target audiences, and a series of client briefs. The client briefs for each specified pathway have been replaced and learners may now choose to respond to any one of the client briefs that they consider to be appropriate for their area of study.

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