New textbook for BTEC Higher Nationals in Business

8 December 2021

Find out more about our new e-textbook and how to purchase your copy.

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Following the revalidation of BTEC Higher Nationals in Business, we have updated the core textbook to reflect the new specification. The new e-textbook is designed as a supplementary resource to aid teaching and learning, in addition to other suggested resources and reading lists that are published on HN Global.

We made updates to the unit content in response to feedback from our centres, students and employers collected during the revalidation process. The changes ensure that units remain current, valid and support employer needs for specific skills sets. We also added content to unit 2, and unit 4 to meet new learning outcomes in relation to media planning, leadership, and motivation.

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How to access the new digital textbook

This textbook is available as an e-book only, and students can purchase their individual licenses from two major online textbook stores: VitalSource and Kortext. This makes the resource more accessible to students around the world, providing access in a convenient and portable format. 

The digital textbook enables students to:

  • Access the textbook anytime and anywhere, across up to three devices.
  • Download the textbook for offline use.
  • Make notes and add bookmarks. 

Follow the links below to get yours:

VitalSource Kortext
Step 1: Create a VitalSource account Step 1: Create a Kortext account
Step 2: Search the store for the Business Core Textbook using the ISBN: 9781292428000 Step 2: Search the store for the Business Core Textbook
Step 3: Read the textbook via your bookshelf in VitalSource Step 3: Read the textbook within Kortext
Step 4: Download the VitalSource app onto your favourite device and access the textbook offline. Step 4: Download the Kortext app onto your favourite device and access the textbook offline. 
Available in: United States (including US territories), Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Peru, and Argentina Available in: All countries, excluding North America

If you have any questions regarding the textbook, or you’re interested in purchasing multiple licenses, please can contact us via Pearson Support.


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