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Ofqual to extend approval of the current suite of HNs in Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering

22 November 2021

Ofqual have approved the extension of the current suite of BTEC HN's in Engineering Aeronautical Engineering to August 2024. Find out more about how this will benefit centres.

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Recently, we requested Ofqual to extend the current suite of BTEC Higher National (HN) Engineering (with all its pathways) and HN Aeronautical Engineering (no pathways) qualifications to August 2024. Pearson requested this with letters of support from centres who have confirmed that Engineering HNs are fit for purpose, and they are happy to deliver the qualifications in their current state. This extension has now been approved by Ofqual.

This extension will allow us to use the experience of developing Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) in Engineering in 2022 to inform the revalidation of HNs in Engineering, planned to take place in 2022/23.

What benefits will this bring to centres?

Firstly, this extension makes Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs) and revalidated HNs available to centres around the same time, based on IfATE’s timelines. This will also help us at Pearson to provide centres with a fully reviewed and consolidated Engineering portfolio of Higher National qualifications.

Secondly, the extension allows us to consider various ongoing developments in the Engineering sector, explore relevant government policies, and fully embrace employers' recommendations to inform the revalidation of HNs in Engineering. This means we can meet future sector needs and learner demands, including teaching, learning and assessment adaptations to promote blended learning in the delivery of Engineering HNs.


Want to find out more?

Whether you’re already delivering HNs in Engineering and / or Aeronautical Engineering, or are a centre looking to start delivering these qualifications, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us via Pearson Support.

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