Updates to Unit 8: Mathematics for Construction | Pearson qualifications

Updates to Unit 8: Mathematics for Construction

11 September 2019

In response to comments from centres, we have rewritten Unit 8: Mathematics for Construction. The new unit is available to students who will start their studies from 1 September 2019. 

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Students registered prior to 1 September 2019 will continue to be offered the previous version of the unit (as this was the unit available within their programme).

Both units are available within the current specification. The new unit (J/617/6366) is available within 'Section 10: Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals Units.' The previous unit (K/615/1394) is available in 'Appendix 7: Legacy Units.'

Date of Registration Unit Code
Before 1 September 2019 K/615/1394
On or after 1 September 2019 J/617/6366

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