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New Pearson partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute

1 October 2020

Partnership provides opportunities for BTEC Higher National students and graduates to grow and demonstrate their digital marketing skillset.

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Pearson is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) that will enable graduates of its BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business (Marketing pathway) to also secure the DMI (Certified Digital Marketing Associate level) certification upon programme completion.

As a DMI Authorised Education Partner, this is the first time that an external professional certificate will be available for Pearson students on the HND in Business (Marketing pathway), offering two qualifications in one.

Partnership between Pearson and the DMI
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With the Pearson qualification and DMI certificate, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate industry-leading digital acumen that will help to transform careers, while obtaining access to ongoing training and development to keep skills relevant.

DMI offers the most widely taught set of standards in digital marketing and selling for students, educators and industry. With over 20,000 graduates across 100 countries worldwide, DMI has trained more professionals to a single digital marketing education standard than any other professional certification body.

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The partnership will also provide students on the HND in Business (Marketing pathway) access to DMI Power Membership, at a discounted rate. The Power Membership offers a host of high-level resources that allows students to become lifelong learners within the digital marketing sector and continue their personal growth during and after completing their formal studies.  

Jane Baker, Director of Pearson Higher Education Qualifications, said: 

"Progression and recognition are cornerstones of our Higher National offering to students. The ability to offer students additional, relevant value in the form of industry recognised certification, while providing world class upskilling opportunities is a large part of our philosophy within Higher Education Qualifications. This new agreement with DMI provides our BTEC Higher National students with opportunities to progress their employability and career prospects."

Michael Goeden, DMI Head of Group Strategy, stated:

"We are in a competitive digital economy, and the ability for current and future employees to demonstrate digital marketing expertise and advanced skills is more important than ever. Our partnership with Pearson will not only create opportunities for programme graduates to obtain industry-leading certifications, but also will deliver a path to lifelong learning to keep skills timely and professionals on top of evolving digital trends."
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The Pearson-DMI partnership launched in September 2020. Certification is applicable to all graduates of the Pearson qualification between 1 September 2017 to the end of August 2025, and the DMI Power Membership is available to graduates and current students, from 1 September 2020.

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About the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)

As the global standard in digital marketing professional learning and certification, DMI develops leading players of the most exciting game in the world. 

Founded in Ireland, DMI has offices in the U.S. and Australia, over 100,000 members, and partners in more than 100 countries. It works with colleges, universities and businesses of all sizes to provide marketing professionals with the skills, confidence and industry know-how to stay relevant — and to make an impact — in an always-evolving digital world. 

DMI is backed by Spectrum Equity, a leading U.S.-based growth equity firm. 


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