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Three BTEC Higher National qualifications receive HTQ status in Business and Early Years

12 February 2024

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) have recently completed cycle 4 with more qualifications being awarded with Higher Technical Qualification (HTQ) status. We are excited to announce that within this cycle we have had 3 new BTEC Higher National qualifications that have gained HTQ status (including two in the business sector and one in the early years sector), bringing our portfolio to a total of 38 approved HTQs.

Our most recently approved HTQs include: HNC Marketing Management for England, HND Sustainable Business Management for England, and HND Early Years Professional Leadership for England. These three qualifications are all available for first teach in September 2025.

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Marketing Management 

Marketing is essential to all businesses in supporting research, development and delivery of new products and services to engage with a range of target audiences that meet ever-changing customer needs. This exciting new Higher National Certificate in Marketing Management for England will enable students to develop those vital skills for a highly audience focused role, enabling students to develop practical skills and techniques required in the workplace. Units have been specifically designed to give students the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to the Level 4 Occupational Standard (OS) for Marketing Executive Units covering market research and techniques, marketing strategy and planning, and communication channels will provide insight into marketing operations and the opportunities and challenges presented so that students can create, manage and maintain key marketing channels, that are both digital, and offline.  

The programme will prepare students to enter employment with the qualities and abilities necessary for roles that require personal responsibility and decision-making and will support students that aspire to future roles in marketing e.g., Marketing Executive, Marketing Officer, Marketing and Communications Officer. It also supports further progression to higher education study by providing a solid foundation of learning if students wish to continue their studies. The HNC Marketing Management for England also provides a seamless progression from the Marketing T Level, which is also available for first teach from September 2025. 

Sustainable Business Management 

Sustainability is rapidly becoming a key organisational goal for many businesses looking to make a difference in society, the environment and the economy. Our new and dynamic Higher Nationals in Sustainable Business Management for England have been designed to support this growing need and demand for sustainable practitioners in business and will give students the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and behaviours aligned to the L4 occupational standard (OS) Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Practitioner. Students will be engaged with a range of new and exciting business content that focuses on environmental, social and governance planning. Units covering corporate responsibility and ethics, change management and sustainable leadership and management approaches will equip students with the knowledge and skills to innovate and drive ambitions for social and environmental change and make these a reality in the workplace.

The programme of study will prepare students to enter employment with the qualities and abilities necessary for roles that require a practitioner with a social conscience to drive social and environmental change, for example, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Environmental Social Governance Officer or Responsible Business Officer. It also supports further progression to higher education study by providing a solid foundation of learning if students wish to continue their studies and top up to an undergraduate programme. 

Designed and developed in collaboration with industry experts, universities, professional, statutory and regulatory bodies, colleges and students, these qualifications ensure high quality course content that meets the needs of industry and our learners. After graduating from the course, students will be equipped with the skills to progress onto further study, to gain professional body accreditation, or enter the workforce. Dr Paul Pritchard (Senior Associate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership), one of the independent consultants for the qualification development stated that:

“Sustainability is rightly being seen by organisations as a critical issue- meeting legal requirements and beyond that supporting innovation leading to improvements in operational efficiencies and identification of new business models. The need for development of employee sustainability skills is also widely recognised, not least in underpinning future career opportunities for employees. Accordingly, it has been a pleasure working with the Pearson team on the Sustainable Business Management qualification, which I consider to be a valuable contribution to meeting the current and future sustainability education needs of the workforce.  I am convinced that these qualifications will be important, not only through their benefit to employers but also reflecting the increasing interest in sustainability issues I see at the level of the individual employee.” 
- Dr Paul Pritchard, Senior Associate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership   

Early Years Professional Leadership 

The Higher National Diploma in Early Years Professional Leadership for England is a career progression qualification for those who already have some experience working with and educating young children. It can be delivered flexibly, and it builds on learners' existing knowledge and experience by combining practice with learning and development theory. 

The first half of qualification introduces learning, childhood development and leadership theory.  It enables learners to use their current workplace as some of the practice time that is so essential in the sector. The second half of the HND focuses on leading and mentoring others and improving the quality of early years education provision. Learners can indulge their areas of special interest by undertaking two optional units from an extensive bank. 

HND Early Years Professional Leadership for England enables learners to progress along their career pathway from an early years educator role upwards towards early years teaching roles and degree qualifications by bridging the leadership gap between the occupational tiers. The qualification philosophy is one of inclusive education, development and leadership that enables learners to personalise the way they facilitate learning with young children and also in the way they lead others.

This Higher National qualification was designed with experienced educators and employers who understand the needs of learners, many of whom are also working in the sector at the same time as studying.  It will be delivered by education providers who also understand the absolute need for flexible delivery and practice along with realistic assessment.  The HTQ is a welcome companion to Pearson's other care and wellbeing Higher Nationals.

"The HTQ in Early Years Professional Leadership for England has been designed and created with Pearson by Nottingham Trent University and employers from the Early Years sector. Working with employers has placed them at the heart of our system so that education and training leads to jobs that can improve productivity and fill skills gaps. This course is designed with a greater emphasis on employer engagement and work readiness, and reflects the increasing need for high quality professional and technical education pathways to level 5. It will provide learners with a clear line of sight to employment and to progression to a degree at level 6."
- Fay Albans-Ross, Senior Lecturer of Early Years, Nottingham Trent University


These new HTQs are available as additional qualifications for centres in England only. We will inform all England-based centres once the specifications are available on the Pearson qualifications website. If you would like to speak to us about delivering any of our HTQs, please leave your details below and we will get back to you.


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