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Amendment to suggested assignment outlines for Unit 25: Digital and Mobile Technology for next generation BTEC Firsts in Music (D5048091)

Thu Oct 17 14:12:00 UTC 2013

We've made some changes to the suggested assignment outlines in unit 25 of our BTEC Firsts in Music. 

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You'll find these amendments on page 280 of the specification for the Extended Certificate and Diploma. They now look as follows: 

Criteria covered Assignment Scenario Assessment evidence 
1A.1, 2A.P1, 2A.M1, 2A.D1, 1A.2, 2A.P2, 2A.M2, 2A.D2 How I Used Mobile Technology to Create My Piece You have been asked to create a digital artefact to show your peers how you created your piece. Presentation: the presentation should be recorded so that learners’ spoken evidence and answers to questions can be included as evidence along with the digital artefact. 
1B.3, 2B.P3, 2B.M3, 2B.D3, 1C.4, 2C.P4, 2C.M4, 2C.D4 Online Music Competition

A website is offering a prize (of a mobile device) to the best music production which has been created using a mobile device.


You need to upload your entry, which can be any length (as long as it is longer than 60 seconds) to the company’s website. You could use either original music or rearrange an existing song.

Audio file in requested online format.


Report which assesses the effectiveness of using mobile technology in music


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