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Pearson Level 1 and below March 2024 newsletter

3 April 2024

Welcome to the Pearson Level 1 and below newsletter for March 2024 covering all things below level 2 including Level 1 Intro, Entry Level, BTEC Workskills and BTEC Personal Growth and Wellbeing. 

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We hope you had a lovely half term and are looking forward to Easter and Spring as a whole.

Remember if you would like to discuss anything with Kelly Adams  for these qualifications, please book in with Kelly on a Friday afternoon

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Please remember we have extended the BTEC Level 1 and Entry Suite until 2027 (check eligibility for Wales and International, (Transport and Vehicle Withdrawn)) so you can continue to teach these qualifications with confidence. 

Wales Reform

You may have seen in the news that QIW is undertaking a reform of 14-16 education in Wales. This has meant the inclusion of the new VCSE. In terms of the Level 1 and Below including Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing space, this means from 2027 there will be new qualifications available for first teach. In this space there will be Foundation Qualifications in a variety of subjects with a 120glh only e.g. Engineering, Animal Care, Sport and Travel and Tourism. These will be available at Entry/Level 1.

The other piece of news in this space is the new skills for life and skills for work which will replace Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing in 14-16 settings. These are available in 60-240GLH sizes.

If you would like to learn more read the full 14-16 qualifications offer decision report

New teaching and learning resources 

This month it has been the turn of the focus of BTEC Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing to be reviewed. To support you we have made exemplar assignment briefs for every unit in Personal Growth and Wellbeing and Workskills at all levels.

Please navigate to the relevant area to locate them. We hope you find them useful.

We have also added several items of teaching materials to the Personal Growth and Wellbeing suite so please do visit the website to discover them.

Explore the Personal Growth and Wellbeing suite

We have also made an on-demand reform video to support you in understanding the post 16 reform in England. We will provide more updates as we get them.

You can watch the short on-demand training video on the Pearson YouTube channel.  If you are a level 1 or entry level teacher, or tutor we would encourage you to take the time to do so.

Information about Level 1 and below Cycle 3 Reform First Update (15:39min)

New Content for March on the Skills Channel

Please save our playlist on YouTube for the latest Teaching and Learning Skills Video.

Pearson Skills playlist

Our latest video is about the Universal Design for Learning in the Level 1 Classroom. Lesson design is so important to inclusive practice and therefore learner progress, and you can find out all about why in this video along with considerations of how you can introduce this in your own practice.

Universal Design for Learning in the Level 1 and Entry Classroom (10:51mins)

Monthly Blog

Our blog this month to support universal design for learning is a blog on Creating an Inclusive Classroom- Strategies for success.   The blog provides an overview of techniques you can use in your classroom to help develop inclusive classroom practice. 

Read Creating an Inclusive Classroom - Strategies for success

Please enjoy the rest of the spring term and contact Kelly Adams if you need any support.

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