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Level 1 and below newsletter November 2023

2 November 2023

Hello and welcome to the Pearson Level 1 and below newsletter for November 2023 covering all things below level 2 including BTEC Workskills and BTEC Personal Growth and Wellbeing.

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I hope you have enjoyed a lovely half term and have now settled into the Autumn term. I know how busy as a teacher the first half term can be so remember to make time for you and I hope you have managed to have a rest or some down time over the break. This is a shorter newsletter than usual as I took time out for myself over the last couple of weeks but despite this there is plenty to provide an update on!

As we head into the third month of the new term, I would like to update you on the suite moving forwards.

Talk to me!

Just a reminder that Friday afternoons is “Your Time”

To help support our centres delivering BTEC Level 1, Entry, Workskills or Personal Growth and Wellbeing Qualifications we have introduced a bookable system where you can come and chat with me about anything to do with these qualifications. Nothing is a silly question; I am happy to support and help you as much as I can. Every Friday between 1-4pm I will be available to help answer any queries or questions. To book in with me please click the link below:

Book a time with Kelly

You can also follow the Product Manager Kelly Adams on LinkedIn where she posts updates to the suite on a regular basis. Kelly Adams | LinkedIn

New teaching and learning resources.

We have recently launched a new web page for the Level 2 and below suite called the transition hub.

This is a work in progress, and we will be adding to the website on a regular basis - Inclusion hub | Pearson qualifications

Currently we are focusing on developing understanding of some of the difficulties learners can face when taking qualifications and some strategies that can help. Also featured on the page are teaching and learning strategies that can be tried in the classroom to support learner progress. If you are a new teacher or would like to develop more understanding on how you could support differently abled learners, then I recommend checking this out. If you have any ideas on content you would like to see on this page or if you would like to contribute your own resources to our page, please book in a time to talk to me as above. I am a firm believer that we work better when we work together.

As part of enhancing our suite Katie our SSV for Level 1 has completed a series of videos demonstrating how to teach “Maths by Stealth” in many of our Level 1 qualifications. As I am sure you are aware many learners find maths at this level particularly difficult, so Katie has kindly created some videos to highlight where maths can be taught in various subjects.

Watch the recordings: BTEC Below Level 1, Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing - YouTube

On demand and live training events

Remember we have our own YouTube channel where you can get the latest training and video events from us in this suite.

See the latest training and video events

This month’s new content is an excellent on demand training event produced by our Workskills SSV Paul who is explaining how to assess work in Workskills.

Watch A Guide to Assessing Workskills Level 2 Unit 2 - YouTube

Paul is an extremely knowledge practitioner in these suites and this on demand video content is geared to help centres assess work accurately and can be used for standardising purposes. We highly recommend checking this out. You will also need to download the work packs so you can see the work Paul is referring to.

Download the work packs - BTEC WorkSkills Level 2 (2021) | Pearson qualifications  under support materials.

Also new for this month is our on-demand training event produced by SSV Katie. Katie leads standards verification in our Level 1 Programme. Katie has also produced a standardization recording for BTEC Level 1 Intro qualifications. This recording is for A2 which is a core unit on the Level 1 Intro courses. This training will aid standardization in centres. Please go to the Pearson website to collect the standardization pack to go with the recording which is available here:

Download the Standardisation Material Core Unit A2: Developing A Personal Progression Plan

You can watch the standardization training video here:

Watch the BTEC L1 A2- Standardisation Commentary - YouTube

New content for November on the skills channel

Please save our playlist for the latest teaching and learning skills video:

Our latest videos are about Dual Coding, which having used this myself in the classroom is a really strong learning tool which can reduce cognitive overload and enhance memory retention. This video is designed to support centres who are interested in finding out more about how using Dual Coding can help them to develop learners to retain more information and think more independently, I have also included some practical examples on how you can do this. 

Watch the Duel Coding in the Level 1 and Entry Classroom recording

Monthly blog

Our blog this month is on Enhancing Communication in the Classroom for Non-Verbal Learners. The blog provides an overview of how non-verbal learners can be supported through the use of different tools and techniques in order to complete their assignments at Entry Level or Level 1 in a way which supports them to achieve. It provides practical tips to support non-verbal learners and I hope you find it useful. 

Read the Level 1 and below blog | Pearson Qualifications

Monthly podcast

Finally, do take the opportunity to read our monthly blog and listen to our Below L2 Workskills and PGW insights blog on Spotify. This month’s episode is a very powerful episode. It features a young learner called Kaylis who is neurodivergent. Kaylis has recently left college and wanted to talk to us to explain her experience as an autistic learner and what she feels educational establishments should be aware of in order to support neurodivergent learners in the classroom.

Kaylis has explained this from a person-centered perspective, and it is a very powerful to hear and thought provoking.

12 days of Workskills

To celebrate Christmas every day from 1 December for 12 days we will be releasing a new learning resource. Keep your eyes peeled for these if you teach on our Workskills programme!

Wishing you an enjoyable November - Christmas is coming!

Kelly Adams - Product Manager Level 1 Below Including Workskills and Personal Growth and Wellbeing.

Green and red 12 days of BTEC Workskills flyer featuring christmas crackers

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