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Phase 3 Trailblazers announced

23 October 2014

The new phase 3 Trailblazers have been announced, along with the extension of occupations for phases 1 and 2.

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At Pearson, we have been working closely with both the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and a wide range of Trailblazers as they work on the new standards and we look forward to continuing this work with them.

Our discussions with many of the current trailblazers have been around supporting and advising them on assessment, grading and how we can work with them to ensure that the UK's new apprenticeships are genuinely 'world class'.

We believe that it is the FE Colleges and private training providers, like you, that will deliver success in Apprenticeships and turn the aspiration of these reforms into a reality for the Apprentices of the future.

We want to continue to work with you and the Trailblazers, to understand how we can help with this and how you can help us get the next generation of Apprenticeships right for your learners. If you want to talk to us about the new Apprenticeships, contact us at

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