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Enterprise Bill and protection of the term apprenticeship

27 October 2015

The government recently consulted with employers, providers and colleges on protecting the term apprenticeship from misuse.  

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The measure will create an offence for a person, in the course of business, to provide or offer a course or training as an apprenticeship if it is not a statutory apprenticeship.

It is now intended for this to form part of the Enterprise Bill currently working through Parliament. Useful factsheets have been produced giving further information on the protection of the term apprenticeship and the Enterprise Bill.

Also included in the Enterprise Bill is legislation to allow central government to impose new targets on government departments and associated agencies in regard to the number of apprenticeships they deliver. This is in addition to recent changes to government procurement which stipulate that suppliers need to demonstrate their own commitment to apprenticeships.

Download the Enterprise Bill factsheet on public sector apprenticeship targets

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