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Apprenticeship popularity rose in 2012: NAS reports optimistic figures

8 January 2013

New data from the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) underlines the continued popularity of Apprenticeships with both employers and learners in the UK.  

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The research reveals interesting figures for applications and vacancies, with results published on areas such as volumes of applications on a sector-by-sector basis, the industry sectors that generated the most vacancies, and which UK region posted the most vacancies online.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Over one million Apprenticeship applications generated online in 2012.
  • Business and Administration topped the 'Top 10 most popular Apprenticeships applied for', as well as the 'Top 10 types of vacancies advertised'.
  • July was the most popular time of year to apply for an Apprenticeship, but A level results day in August saw a huge influx with nearly 5,730 applications submitted in one day.
  • London had more applications than any other region.
  • The gender split was more even, with just 56% of applications from males.
  • The top three industry sectors that generated the most applications were Business, Administration and Law. These were followed by Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies, Retail and Commercial Enterprise, Health, Public Services and Care and Information and Communication Technology.

Visit the NAS website for the full facts and figures


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