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Edexcel AS and A level 2015 Physics specifications now accredited
We are pleased to inform you that Ofqual has accredited the new Edexcel AS and A level Physics specifications for first teaching from September 2015.

Salters Horners Advanced Physics (SHAP) autumn 2015 newsletter
The SHAP team, based at the University of York, have produced a newsletter, giving some guidance on using SHAP to support a context-based delivery for the new 2015 Physics A level.

Tracking practical competency: A level Physics
How to track student attendance at Core Practical sessions, and how your students are progressing with Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC) and developing practical competency.

Salters' A level Awards 2020
The Salters’ Institute has been a curriculum partner of Pearson in developing and supporting specifications for A level Biology and, in conjunction with the Horners’ Company, A level Physics.

Ofqual announcements for 2021 examinations - A level Science
We are currently working with Ofqual to finalise the proposed changes for Pearson Edexcel Chemistry, Pearson Edexcel Biology 'B', Biology A (Salters-Nuffield) and Salter's Horners Physics exams next year.


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