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Assessment of A level PE coursework units

21 December 2012

Updated forms used for A level Physical Education assessment in summer 2013 are now available.

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We have uploaded the forms required for use for assessment in summer 2013. There have been some changes to the following forms:

  • Initial Contact Questionnaire
  • CRAF forms for unit 2 and 4
Please use the new version of these forms, which can be found on the PE course materials page.

To further support you, the senior moderation team has created a checklist that can be used to assess the following tasks:

  • 2.2 - Local Study
  • 2.3 - National Study
  • 2.4 - Performance Analysis
  • 4.1 - Development Plan
  • 4.2 - International Study
  • 4.4 - Life Plan

Please note that the provision of each item in the list does not equate to full marks. The final mark is determined by reference to the assessment criteria and the quality of the evidence.

We have also created a witness statement that can be used to provide evidence for off-site activities. It's not compulsory to use this template; you can use your own versions.

You can find the checklists, witness statement and amended forms on the A level PE course materials page.

Please note that the 'Instructions for the Conduct of the Examinations and Coursework for 2013' (ICE) is being updated and will be available shortly.


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