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Update on the redevelopment of A level Music Technology

16 April 2015

Find out about the results of Ofqual's consultation and what's happening with regard to the redevelopment of this subject.

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On Thursday 26 March, Ofqual announced the results of its consultation on, 'Completing GCSE, AS and A level Reform'. You can see the outcome of this consultation here.

As part of the outcome, Ofqual sets out the subjects that are to be reformed for first teaching from 2017. AS and A level Music Technology are in the group, 'Proposed subjects still under review'. You'll find full details in the document, 'Decisions for Completing GCSE, AS and A level Reform - Part 2'.

We're having ongoing discussions with Ofqual about whether content can be developed for Music Technology that meets its principles. We're committed to the future of the AS and A level qualification, and have submitted a rationale and appeal to Ofqual for their redevelopment for 2017.

Ofqual has confirmed that due to the pre-election period (purdah) the results of these appeals will be delayed from mid-April to mid-May. We're continuing to discuss this with the regulator as it makes its final decision.


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