AS level and A level Music Technology Component 1 Task summer 2021 update

24 August 2020

Important information about AS level and A level Music Technology Component 1: Recording task for summer 2021 assessment.

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You may have seen that the outcomes of the Ofqaul consultation on the proposed changes to assessments in 2021 have been released.

The changes proposed to Component 1: Recording now means the tasks that were released on 1 June 2020 for Component 1 are no longer valid or appropriate as candidates will not be required to do any “Capture” as part of the assessment for this component.

We have removed the tasks from our website. Teachers and candidates should not be using these tasks towards June 2021 examination series. 

We are currently working with Ofqual to finalise what these new tasks will look like for June 2021, along with other changes that may need be made to the qualifications. Our aim is to release the new set of tasks around 15 September 2020. We will keep you up to date and share specific details as soon as we have approval from Ofqual on our changes.

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