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Improvements to our 2020 papers and free support for A level Mathematics

24 October 2019

Since our updates about the summer 2019 exam series for A level Mathematics, we’ve been continuing to gather feedback from teachers, parents and students. Building on this and our thorough analysis of students’ performance in the exams, we’re taking steps to improve the teaching, learning and assessment experience for you and your students.

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Refining our papers to improve the exam experience for all students

We’re making a series of improvements to our question papers from summer 2020 onwards, that will enhance students’ experience of sitting these exams.

The improvements will focus on:

  • ensuring early questions are accessible to all and then steadily ramp in demand to encourage engagement and help build students’ confidence through the papers
  • dividing questions into parts so students are clear where marks can be achieved and can manage their focus and exam timings accordingly
  • using clear, concise language to better enable all students to access the questions and understand the type of response expected.

Our next set of mock exams that exemplify some of these improvements will be available in January 2020 so you and your students can see what these changes will look like in practice.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has offered feedback and been a vital part in helping us make these improvements. If you have further thoughts or questions about our A level Mathematics, please get in touch with us at:

Updating our free support to help you and your students make the most of the courses

In addition to making improvements to our question papers, we’re also adding to our free materials for A level Mathematics to support the teaching and learning experience for you and your students.

  • Enhanced content guidance
    Teachers have told us they’d like further clarity on content coverage in the specification. That’s why we’re publishing enhanced content guidance later this term. This will provide further exemplification of specific areas of the subject content – as a further tool to support you in your planning and delivery.
  • Additional mock papers and practice materials
    We understand the importance of having access to as much assessment support as possible. Currently, there’s a specimen paper and mocks for all three A level papers available on our website and via the Maths Emporium. And, we’ll be adding to these with an additional set of mock papers in January 2020.

    In the upcoming months, we will also be working with examiners to provide further practice papers that focus both on the new elements of content as well as on new question types that were introduced in the reformed qualification, specifically around problem-solving and modelling.

These new additions will join the range of materials available on our website and the Maths Emporium to support you and your students every step of the way with A level Mathematics.

View the full range in our brand-new support guide:

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