A level Paper 2 instruction change in this summer's examination

19 April 2018

We have made a minor change to the wording of instructions in the answer pages, but what is expected of students is staying the same.

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Instruction change

The instructions in the answer pages of our A level Paper 2 question papers now specify that students answer on at least one text from Section B. This change will be seen in this summer’s 2018 examination papers for A levels in French, German and Spanish.

As part of our ongoing review of qualifications, we identified that the A level Paper 2 answer page instructions for Sections B/C, as presented in the Sample Assessment Materials, did not prevent students from answering on two films from Section C. This would be a rubric infringement, as students must answer on at least one text from Section B.

We have changed the wording of the instructions to ensure that students correctly select at least one text from Section B. They are then given the option of selecting a work from either Section B or C for their second response.

The document shows the old and new versions using the Spanish Sample Assessment Materials as an example.

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Should you have any questions related to this or any other part of our A level qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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