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A level History Extended Project

Tue Feb 21 11:17:00 UTC 2012

Teachers are now available to teach the Extended Project alongside History A level. The Extended Project is an exciting qualification for students of all abilities and interests, is the equivalent to half a GCE, and carries UCAS points.

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It is already being recognised by universities, schools, colleges and students for the valuable skills it provides for higher education or work.

We offer a comprehensive support package which includes personal support from our subject advisors, training events, free online resources and published resources.

How to link the Project to Edexcel History:

  • A level students could choose to look at one of their A2 History unit 3 controversies in more detail and carry out an Extended Project such as, ‘To what extent was Germany responsible for the outbreak of the First World War?’

  • A level students could choose to specialise in an area of interest while doing their A2 coursework enquiry and carry out an Extended Project which could help in applying for a university place. For example, ‘What was the impact of the Cold War on the growth of Arab nationalism?’

  • AS students who have decided not to continue with History A level could continue with the subject by doing an Extended Project in a year, such as, ‘Why did civil war break out in the United States?’

For more information, visit the Project pages on the Edexcel website.



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