Amendments to specifications and SAMs for 2015 AS and A level English Literature (8ET0 and 9ET0)

9 June 2015

We've updated details of the specified post-2000 poetry text, as a new edition is now available and the page numbers for the specified poems have changed. 

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The amendments to the specification and sample assessment materials (SAMs) are as follows:

  • AS level specification (8ET0): appendix 4 (prescribed texts) pages 29–30
  • AS level Paper 1 (8ET0/01):  pages 6–7 of the SAMs booklet
  • A level specification (9ET0): appendix 5 (prescribed texts) page 54
  • A level Paper 3 (9ET0/01):  pages 104 and 133 of the SAMs booklet.

The changes have been marked on these pages. The specifications have been updated to reflect the change to our website address.

We've also taken this opportunity to make some minor formatting changes and corrections to the specified poetry lists in the A level SAMs booklet, which have been marked. Other formatting changes and corrections have not been marked due to their minor nature.

The issue 2 specifications and SAM booklets are now available on the A level English Literature 2015 page.  

If you need further guidance or information, please contact us.


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