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A level Product Design coursework adjustments

16 August 2012

Here, we explain how we make mark adjustments for Product Design coursework units Resistant Materials (6RM04) and Graphic Products (6GR04).

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We sometimes adjust coursework marks following the external sample moderation process. Moderators always seek to confirm centre marks whenever possible. Sometimes, though, it is necessary to adjust the marks for all candidates in a centre. This procedure is followed to ensure the national standard is applied in order to be fair and consistent to all candidates in the national cohort.

Below, we explain the procedure used to make mark adjustments. The explanation is provided by the Edexcel Technical Support Department. Please note that this is an agreed procedure followed by all awarding bodies and underpinned by the Ofqual Code of Practice.

Procedure for determining final coursework marks (based on marks awarded by centre and moderator)

It is the responsibility of the centre to ensure that internal standardisation has been carried out. Also, all centres have this procedure applied, even those for which all candidates’ work is seen by the moderator. This is to ensure that all centres are treated equally, whether the entry is large or small.

1. For the candidates sampled by the moderator, the marks awarded by the centre and the moderator are compared and if the differences all lie within a given number then the centre’s marks are accepted.

The maximum allowable difference between centre and moderator mark is determined using a formula agreed by all the awarding bodies.

2. If at least one candidate’s mark is outside the designated allowable difference then an adjustment to candidates’ marks is considered.

This analysis is, in essence, the least squares regression analysis. Least squares regression forms the basis of analysis but other checks on the data are undertaken to inform the decision on the most appropriate adjustment to recommend.

3. If the ‘adjusted’ marks for all candidates lie within the given range when compared to the centre marks then, again, the decision would be to accept the centre’s marks.

4. If the condition stated in 3 is not satisfied then the ‘adjusted’ mark adjustments will be recommended. Please note that this adjustment is applied to every candidate at the centre.

This decision is not taken without a consideration of other information. This extra information includes the closeness of the relationship between the centre and moderator marks, measured by the Product-Moment correlation coefficient.




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