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Update on the Practical Endorsement at A level

Tue Aug 15 11:00:00 UTC 2017

Now that the new A level courses have been sat by students for the first time, and all centres have had a Monitoring Visit, we wanted to share some information on the Practical Endorsement and Monitoring Visits from September 2017, as well as a reminder about CPAC training.

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Cross-Awarding Body statement

All awarding bodies have worked together in the development of the CPAC requirements, as well as in the administration of the Monitoring Visits.

The following document gives some information, relevant to all centres irrespective of the Awarding Body followed for A level.

The update includes information on the next round of Monitoring Visits, on training opportunities, and on a number of key administrative points.

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Next steps

As the Cross-Awarding Body statement makes clear, there is no longer a registration process with the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) for the Practical Endorsement.

Awarding Bodies have a shared list of all schools who have entered for A level in June 2017 and will use this to organise future Monitoring Visits.  

Further support and training

In the meantime, further support for delivering and assessing CPAC for A level sciences can be found on the webpage for each science.

View the CPAC criteria, guidance and tracking support


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