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New GCE Chemistry tasks for practical activities 'b', 'c' and 'd' available

17 July 2014

The new tasks for practical activities 'b', 'c' and 'd' for AS and A2 Chemistry from September 2014 are now available. 

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The new tasks are: 

AS Chemistry:

ASB25, ASB26, ASB27, ASB28, ASC6, ASC7, ASC8, ASC9, ASD5, ASD6 and ASD7. 

A2 Chemistry: A2B21, A2B22, A2B23, A2B24, A2C5, A2C6, A2C7, A2C8, A2D4, A2D5 and A2D6.

There is also a new A2M2 task replacing A2M1.

These tasks replace all previous tasks, and are the only tasks valid for submission in May 2015. This is in line with changes to practical tasks rules we announced earlier this year.

To access the new tasks, visit the 'Assessment Materials' section of our Edexcel GCE Chemistry homepage.

Please note: tasks are password protected and can only be downloaded by Exams Officers. Once downloaded, they must be stored securely, as they are live assessment materials.  


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