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AS Chemistry security issue

30 November 2012

A security issue for one controlled assessment task has arisen. The task affected is quantitative measurement practical activity C, task ASC1: Acid-base titration. This is part of our AS Chemistry unit (6CH03/1A and 1B): Chemistry Laboratory Skills 1, which is available for submission in the summer examination series only.

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Task ASC1: Acid-base titration has been withdrawn and is no longer valid

We've taken the immediate action of withdrawing the task so as not to give any unfair advantage to any student who has had access to the task before the controlled assessment session. We believe this decision is in the best interests of schools and students. This means that the task is no longer valid for submission during the summer 2013 examination series or beyond.

Please use an alternative task, or the replacement task that will be available next year

Although the task was available for submission by 15 May 2013 for the next summer series, we believe some centres may have already attempted this task or be planning to do so. If your centre has already attempted ASC1 or is planning to use it for your 2013 assessment, we would advise you to use one of the other three activity C tasks (ASC2, ASC3, ASC4) instead.

We're in the process of publishing a replacement task, which we hope will be available on the qualification subject page by the end of January 2013.

We'll keep you updated on our plans for ensuring that no student is either advantaged or disadvantaged by the actions we're taking. We hope that this reassures you and your students. We know that you will be supporting your students over the coming weeks, so we'd be grateful if you could share this information with them.


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