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Unit 2: Development, Plants and the Environment (6BI02)

Mon Nov 24 13:34:00 UTC 2014

Following the summer 2014 examination session, there's been an amendment to the published mark scheme.

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After an investigation from a post results service query for A level Biology, Unit 2 (6BI02): Development, Plants and the Environment, we identified that the final published mark scheme for question 7(a)(i), worth 1 mark, was inaccurate.

The mark scheme has been amended to reflect this and is available for you to view on the biology subject page.

We have credited all candidates who identified the correct answer for this question with an additional 1 mark and reissued new results for all the affected candidates. All centres with affected candidates have been contacted by phone.

For candidates who were incorrectly credited with 1 additional raw mark for question 7(a)(i) in the summer 2014 series, we will lower their raw mark score result for this unit by 1 mark if it is used in a future examination series. 


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