19 April 2016

We're pleased to announce the first set of Application of Number confirmatory tests have now been signed off by the four Essential Skills Wales awarding bodies and are now available to centres with registered learners.

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Only those centres that have registered for the new ESW will be able to access these tests. You must also remember that the Controlled Task must have been completed before a learner attempts one of the confirmatory tests.

Since these are live assessment materials, the live confirmatory tests must not be used for any purpose other than to carry out candidate assessments.

Are there any differences to the SAMs published previously?

During the development phase, the four Essential Skills Wales awarding bodies raised a concern regarding the length of the level 2 and level 3 confirmatory tests with the Welsh Regulator, Qualifications Wales. The regulator accepted our concern and agreed to increase the length of the assessment for level 2 and level 3 tests.

Confirmatory tests now have the following durations:

Test level

Length of assessment

No. of questions

Level 1

30 minutes


Level 2

45 minutes


Level 3

60 minutes


What about Welsh medium versions?

We're working with the other Essential Skills Wales awarding bodies to develop Welsh medium versions and will advise separately once this work is complete.

Instructions for the conduct of examinations

We've published an 'Instructions for the conduct of examinations' document to provide you with information on how the confirmatory tests should be administered to ensure security of the material is maintained at all times.

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