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Adult funding 201314

Tue Oct 14 14:27:00 UTC 2014

The qualifications funded for 19+ learners changed in 2013/14. See which qualifications are still eligible for funding and which are no longer funded.

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Qualifications funded for 19+ learners in 2013/14 

The Skills Funding Agency (SFA) recently released their Simplified Funding Catalogue. This lists all the qualifications eligible for funding for 19+ learners in 2013/14 and the funding rates for each learning aim. It tells you what is funded, and the funding rate for every qualification available.

Qualifications no longer funded for 19+ learners in 2013/14

The SFA removed funding for a large number of qualifications for 19+ learners as part of their 2013/14 strategy. 566 Edexcel and EDI qualifications are on the list. These can be found on the Qualifications no longer Funded list. (Pearson owns both Edexcel and EDI.)

These qualifications are only being withdrawn from 19+ stand-alone funding; they continue to be available for Apprenticeship funding where relevant, and can continue to be offered if they are employer- or self-funded.

Qualifications no longer funded for 19+ learners in 2013/14 – appeals made

We challenged the decision made for 167 out of the total 566 qualifications, submitting an appeal in every case where we could meet the very specific appeals criteria. (The criteria required evidence that removal of funding for new starts for a qualification would have an adverse, unreasonable or uneven impact on an individual and/or organisation.) The full list of Pearson and EDI appeals can be found on the Qualifications we have Appealed list.

Next steps

All appeals will be formally reviewed on 15 April 2013. The SFA will inform us of the results by 30 April 2013.


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